0.9.21 adds chart series and visual improvements

SOFA Statistics now lets you make a series of charts by a selected variable. For example, if you have Pie Charts of user satisfaction you can make one for each region automatically. All chart types can be made into series apart from scatter-plots.

Chart series example

Chart series example

Several of the help images on the main form have also been improved:

Improved help images example

Improved help images example

Other improvements include:

  • Better printing of output reports through web browsers e.g. Firefox.
  • Imports numeric fields in csv files as numbers even if using commas as decimal separator (e.g. as in Germany).
  • Shifted Help button to top left of main dialogs.
  • Removed Export button (from view).
  • Changed text in Run button to Show Results.
  • Mann-Whitney U now explicitly says it is one-tailed.

To assist with the promotion of SOFA Statistics, a discreet “sofastatistics.com” text is now added to edge of each chart.

Additionally there have been some important bug fixes:

  • Fixed page break problem when printing.
  • Major bug fix for Windows users with certain user names. Fixed bug in Windows version when username combined with a backslash equals a character e.g. \admin. The bug affected css files and all charts and stats tests.
  • Fixed bug when database engine returns non-integers for frequencies e.g. 2l (for long number type) instead of 2.
  • Fixed vertical positioning problem for report table and stats select dialogs on 768 high resolutions (Windows at least).
  • Fixed bug providing user feedback when problems with css files.
  • Fixed y-axis title bug.

SOFA Statistics is very close now to the version 1.0 release.

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