0.9.9 attractive new output styles; easier to change styles; UI improvements

Although this latest release has many, many enhancements and fixes (full details below), the most pleasing change for most users will probably be the availability of some attractive new output styles. It is also easier to select and apply them.

The 3 new styles are:

  • Grey Spirals
    Grey spirals demo

    Grey spirals demo

  • Lucid Spirals
    Lucid spirals demo

    Lucid spirals demo

  • Pebbles
    Pebbles demo

    Pebbles demo

Output styles can be selected using a simple drop-down list.

Style selection

Style selection

The full list of new features is:

  • Added 3 attractive output styles – grey_spirals, lucid_spirals, and pebbles. These include background images.
  • Styles can be selected and changed much more easily.
  • Crosstabs with column totals and row percentages get a frequency in the total column even if frequency is not selected.
  • Customised waiting message when making report tables according to what is required e.g. “Add and configure column”.
  • Configuration settings (e.g. preferred output style) persist across all dialogs.
  • The last configured row summary measures are the default for any new variables added to the row summary report table.
  • The Expand button opens a much larger window to view content in.
  • Better display of html messages in report tables dialog.
  • Simplified standard names e.g. “SOFA_Default_db” became “sofa_db”.
  • Can resize some dialogs smaller than initial display size.
  • Application gives a useful error message, even if it fails very early.
  • Faster production of report tables by avoiding duplicate queries.
  • When adding row or col vars, can double click selections except for raw display tables or rows of row summary tables where still multichoice selections.
  • Removed windows manager close buttons from dialogs so program close buttons used instead.
  • Windows installer now installs Python 2.6.5 instead of 2.6.2.
  • Misc UI changes to make setting up MS connection details easier.

There have also been numerous bug fixes:

  • Debian package now uses desktop icon sofastats.desktop rather than sofa.desktop to prevent collision with sofa-apps.
  • Fixed bug when selecting default project to edit after having selected another. Would set proj dropdown to point to the first proj (more generally, the last one that was saved and was not read-only).
  • No longer possible to overwrite the default project with another of the same name.
  • In the report table dialog, the Add Under button for columns only shows when a column variable has already been selected.
  • Add Under button for rows disabled for Row Summaries.
  • Fixed bug where right clicking on a row or column variable in the report tables dialog tree didn’t shift selection to it.
  • Fixed bug where selection in report tables dialog row/column tree should shift to another item sibling but went nowhere.
  • Fixed bug if MS Access database selected multiple times. Needed to properly clear resources before getting them again.
  • Fixed bug running some statistical tests when variable includes % in name.
  • Fixed bug where unable to change cell values in strangely named tables e.g. ‘demo;’.
  • Fixed bug where some faulty values for DataDets would get through even if an error.
  • When faulty database selection made, e.g. MS SQL Server model, reverts to last selected database.

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  1. Mike says:

    I use CSV file export in Google Docs this way.