0.7.4 can import from Excel

SOFA Statistics has now reached the point where you can probably always get data into it.  The lowest common denominator is the CSV (comma separated values) file, or an Excel spreadsheet (which you could always make in Open Office if you don’t have MS Office), or a MySQL, MS Access, or SQLite database.

Here is the list of main changes:

  • Now able to import from Excel spreadsheets.
  • Importing can now be cancelled.
  • There is a progress bar while importing.
  • CSV importing gives the option of fix and continue if import has problems.
  • Bug fix – can now cope with CSV files with more columns.
  • Bug fix – now able to create projects even if default project selected.
  • Bug fix – can now select database files without file extensions e.g. SQLite databases.

The 0.8 series should be starting soon, with an emphasis on statistical tests like the t-test, Chi Square etc.  Once those are in place, I will start to more heavily promote SOFA Statistics.

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