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Lots of bug fixes (esp MS Access & SQL Server)

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

SOFA Statistics 1.3.4 is not an adventurous release but it squashes plenty of bugs – especially for MS Access and MS SQL Server users. Here are the features:

  • Can make more complex charts and larger series of charts. It is now possible to override the conservative limits on charts e.g. the maximum number of series or charts or clusters. A warning is shown that you may not necessarily produce a viable chart or set of charts. But often it will work so now you get to try and see.

High number of charts

Lots of images

  • Importing now copes with excessively long field names by shortening them automatically (without risking duplicates).
  • MS SQL Server views can now be analysed, not just tables.

And here are the bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug with calculation of mean with MS SQL Server data (now explicitly cast as float to avoid integer result).
  • Fixed bug in ANOVA output for precise (as opposed to speed) – it used to try mixing Decimals and other numeric types unsuccessfully.
  • Fixed bugs with chart data gathering queries so works in MS SQL Server properly. Also cleaner for the others in any case.
  • Fixed bug in underlying code if unique=False ever applied with scatterplots (currently never but it was still, technically, a bug).
  • Fixed bug in scatterplot SQL which affected MS Access and MS SQL Server (can’t use aliases in group by etc).
  • Adjusted y-title position in dojo scatterplots to avoid it being cropped.
  • Fixed bug when Postgresql date date being displayed as a category (couldn’t calculate a length of a datetime.datetime object).
  • Fixed layout bug when report table resized after Add to Report checkbox hidden. Now freshens layout when checkbox reappears.
  • Fixed bug preventing charts from being produced when linked to MS Access.
  • Fixed bug adding large delay to display of output when linked to MS Access.

There are some important changes coming for SOFA but it was important to tidy up a bit first. Watch this space!