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Version 1.3.5 adds some simplicity

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars, had the following philosophy for automotive design: “Simplify, then add lightness”. Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe used to say “Less is More”. In a similar vein, the latest version of SOFA adds some simplicity for all those users who only use the default database (see Database?! But I just want to analyse my data!). Here is the list of feature changes introduced with version 1.3.5 of SOFA:

  • Simplified access to data for most users. SOFA now only displays a list of data tables (instead of showing both a list of databases and tables) unless there are multiple databases to choose from. For most users, the only database will be the default database SOFA uses to store imported or hand-entered data.
  • Slovenian support added (thanks to Nino Rode :-)).

And the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Fixed bug in histogram output when limited data spread. Error caused by miscalculation of significant decimal points required for display.
  • Fixed bug stopping late-added title details appearing when exporting output. The demo output is refreshed first so the source file is forced to be up-to-date. Probably needs a proper tidy-up some day but this works well in the mean time.
  • Fixed bug in exporting to desktop folder in fix_pdf – need to strip end off folder name when no AM/PM under localisation used.
  • Fixed various bugs associated with exporting output. When copying output, message about keeping form open now names form it means (to reduce confusion).
  • Fixed bug when using a project after it has just been deleted (by pressing cancel in select projects dialog after having deleted the currently active project).
  • Fixed bug which meant “Show Results” and “Add to report” options were displayed when setting up a project.
  • Fixed bug when cancelling a variable details selection in a project.

I hope you like the latest version.