Exciting new chart options in 1.0.3

For line charts, users can now add trend lines and smoothed lines (using a weighted rolling average).

New options for line charts

And histograms can now be produced with a normal distribution curve overlaid.

Optional normal curve on histograms

Other improvements include:

  • Histograms display better when lots of bins – wider chart and smaller font for x-axis.
  • Simplified layout of project selection form and changed preferences form.
  • Clearer labels when users are selecting a range of groups rather than discrete groups e.g. in ANOVA.
  • Added medians etc to the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks output.//
    Improved output for Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test

    Improved output for Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test

  • An early error message directs the user to the help page on “SOFA Won’t Start”. It also includes connection details in the error message if unable to connect to the default database.
  • Only delays next “What’s up” connection date if it successfully gets through.

There have also been some useful bug fixes:

  • Bug fix when importing from ODS any data which could potentially be a year e.g. 2631.
  • Report quality histograms no longer leave out values falling right on the upper limit.
  • Two-tailed vs one-tailed corrections in output display.
  • Fixed problem with table names (esp safetblname) surviving test for SQLite validity and breaking future tests.

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