Installing missing dlls in Windows for SOFA Statistics

Creating a Windows installation package that works on everything from XP Home Edition to Vista 64-bit Business Edition is manageable but not exactly trivial.  Sometimes a single file can create a lot of issues e.g. msvcr71.dll (See To ensure this file is available on the target computer it is not simply a matter of transferring the file in the same way that other files are transferred.  The correct approach using NSIS is to run InstallLib.

The following item was helpful – The NSIS documentation of relevance is here –

The snippet of code used in the latest SOFA Statistics package for Windows is:

IfFileExists "$PROGRAMFILES\sofa\start.pyw" 0 new_installation



!insertmacro InstallLib REGDLL $ALREADY_INSTALLED REBOOT_NOTPROTECTED “G:\3 SOFA dev\sofalibs\msvcr71.dll” $SYSDIR\msvcr71.dll $SYSDIR

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