Statistics Open For All

SOFA - Statistics Open For All
The user-friendly, open-source statistics,
analysis, and reporting package


SOFA Statistics is easy to use and a very pleasant experience, and I've quickly found it's simply the easiest way to access and query all sorts of databases. With the attractive charts and reports available, I would expect SOFA will take off quickly in terms of popularity and fandom. I think this has potential to be a revolutionary product in several ways. There are no other products quite like SOFA, and it represents a breakthrough in making statistics accessible to everyone. It's easy enough to be used by the business analyst who doesn't need SPSS, SAS or other systems -- or who just doesn't feel like spending thousands of dollars on a piece of desktop software. As such, it has potential to bring the benefits of statistics to a whole new population of business intelligence and academic users.

James Jackson

Gannett Co Inc

My hope is that this program becomes an adopted industry standard of sorts, mentioned in everyday conversation by organization workers the world over. And, given its free and multiplatform nature, ... this hope of mine may not be an unrealistic one

John Knight

Linux Journal