Table of Contents


Importing Spreadsheet/CSV Data

Prepare Your Data

Clean the Spreadsheet/CSV file

Structure the Data for Analysis

SOFA expects your data to be organised in a particular way. E.g. should I have gender as a field with 1s and 2s in it and height as another field or should I have a column of results e.g. height, for each gender? SOFA only works with the first structure. Check Structuring Data For Analysis if not sure or if there are problems.

Importing Local Data

SOFA Statistics currently supports importing data from Excel spreadsheets, ODS spreadsheets (OpenOffice Calc and Gnumeric etc), csv files and Google Docs spreadsheets.

NB you do not need to import data from SQL-type databases (currently MS Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and SQLite). See Connecting to databases

  1. Click on the “Import Data” button on the main SOFA form
  2. To import local data, click on “Browse” and select csv, xls, or ods file

  3. Provide the data with a unique name by which SOFA Statistics can identify the data.

    Then click on the “Import” button to import the data into the default SOFA database “sofa_db” with the table name provided.

A video is available showing how to import CSV data: Importing CSV data video

A video is available showing how to import Open Document Format (ODF) spreadsheets: Importing Open Document Format (ODF) spreadsheets video

Another video is also available showing how to import data using SOFA Statistics: