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SOFA Won't Start

Sorry! But we can probably fix it. Make sure you are installing the latest version of SOFA Statistics Sourceforge SOFA downloads. Newer versions are sometimes better at handling problems.

Here are some things which might help:

Using Sofastats Recovery

Check to see if you have a local sofastats_recovery folder. E.g.

  • Windows - it should be in one of the following places unless you have custom configured where your home folder is:
    • C:\Documents and Settings\username\sofastats_recovery
    • C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\sofastats_recovery
    • C:\Users\username\sofastats_recovery
    • C:\Users\username\Documents\sofastats_recovery
  • Mac OS X:
    • /Users/username/sofastats_recovery
  • Linux e.g. Ubuntu:
    • /home/username/Documents/sofastats_recovery

Next to your local sofastats_recovery folder should be a local sofastats folder. Delete your local “sofastats” folder and rename the “sofastats_recovery” folder to “sofastats”. If the system won't let you delete the folder, reboot and try to delete it after that (without having tried to open SOFA again). When you restart SOFA Statistics, everything should now work.

:!: The “sofastats_recovery” folder only includes a clean install of the SOFA database, variable defintions and projects. Any modifications you have made will be lost if you wipe the “sofastats” folder. You can always keep a copy of your original “sofastats” folder so you can recover individual items e.g. the internal SOFA database from “sofastats/_internal/sofa_db”.

  1. Delete the sofastats folder
  2. Rename the sofastats_recovery folder to sofastats

Ask for Help

Specific Errors

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'DATA_DETS'

This problem may have happened on Windows when some old pyc files survived the upgrade. Solution: delete all pyc files (e.g. get_data.pyc) from your SOFA program folder e.g. C:\Program Files\sofastats. SOFA will rebuild the pyc files and they will be based on the latest code. How is this problem possible? If the pyc files were generated during the last install, but the py files are older than that install date.

Database locked

Does rebooting help?

If not, it may be necessary to start again with a fresh copy of the default database. If you're lucky, you haven't put anything into the default database yet, or your data was derived from a spreadsheet and you can re-import it. It is still not clear what causes this problem or how to properly fix it but there is a workaround of sorts. After closing SOFA, locate your default sofa database (e.g. “\Users\username\sofastats\_internal\sofa_db”). Rename it to “sofa_db_hide”, take a fresh copy of sofa_db from your sofa_recovery folder, and put it in the sofastats\_internal folder. Re-start SOFA and re-import any data etc.

Hopefully there will be a better solution at some point.



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