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Notes on Using Bazaar/Launchpad

New releases

  • Start from main overview page (click button to return if you lose your way). Click on series link e.g. 0.7, then below, click on Create Release (must be logged in)
  • Create milestone - name it something like 1.5.0
    • In the milestone summary add Downloads upwards.
    • Select today's date.
  • Click on Create Release.
  • In Release Notes add Downloads upwards (again).
  • In changelog, the new features and bug fixes only (no downloads or final summary line)
  • From main project>Overview, Make an announcement
    • headline e.g. 1.4.4 Mac users can export as PDF (& PNG depending on version of OS X)
    • summary - the standard notes about the release (not download, bug fix, or single summary line stuff)
  • Make previous release Inactive
  • If making a new series, make the series an active development series not the previous series. You should see it at the top of the full history graph if successful.

SOFA Website Notes

New series

  • Make sure you are logged in ;-)
  • Main page has a graph of existing series, below which is a button for registering a new series
  • Search for main to find branch to link to

Useful Commands

bzr add #Add specified files or directories.

bzr status

bzr diff

bzr remove # put copy in “SOFA/storage/sofa_main_on_hold” first. Could use –keep but don't want confusion

bzr push # will use previous location

bzr ls -V - lists all versioned files (if any are missing just use add)

First time

Set up initial local repository

bzr init-repo sofa.repo #Create a shared repository to hold branches.

cd sofa.repo

bzr init sofa.main #Create a shared repository to hold branches.

cd sofa.main

bzr add

bzr commit -m “Initial import”

Push from local to central repository

cd ~/projects/SOFA/sofastatistics/sofa.repo/sofa.main

bzr launchpad-login launchpad-p-s

bzr push lp:~launchpad-p-s/sofastatistics/main –use-existing-dir

NB if you have used a passphrase when setting up your private/public keys, you will need to supply it when asked - NOT your normal Ubuntu password :-)

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