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  • download and extract folder
  • transfer to /home/g/projects/SOFA/storage
  • rename old wiki folder to dokuwiki-yyy-mm-dd
  • rename to wiki
  • copy into /home/sofaroot/public_html/wiki one subfolder at a time, plus files at top level
  • delete all files and folders from /data/cache
  • delete install.php (no need to run it if only upgrading)
  • ensure all top-level php scripts are -rw-r–r– only. Allowing any writing prevents PHP from running it.
  • (not needed if just upgrading by overwriting) update main.php (extra styles and some html), style.ini (one colour change), and mime.conf (a handful of extra mime settings e.g. rules).
  • check can see everything and that a log-in is required for closed content (use Opera)
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