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1.4.1 Adds regression line for scatterplots

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Scatterplots can now be produced with a regression line and slope and intercept details:

Scatterplot regression lines

Additionally, the Export output plug-in (proprietary add-on) now gives option of exporting tabular data to spreadsheet. And there are some other minor improvements:

  • Better positioning of legend in scatterplots made by matplotlib.
  • Tweaked algorithm for getting optimal min and max axis values so more sensible when no variation.

The latest release also fixes a number of edge-case bugs:

  • Fixed bug in charting when users use variable names SOFA used in underlying SQL queries.
  • Fixed bug when refreshing database table dropdowns when no databases visible – was assuming the databases were included in the number of items in the sizer.
  • Fixed bug when print content redirected to output file in Windows and Mac – now coverted to utf-8 byte strings directly by overriding sys.stdout and sys.stderr with codecs.getwriter etc. Immediate impact is fix for bug when recoding a table and field names include non-ascii characters.
  • Fixed up fonts used so always look good on all systems.
  • Fixed bug which can occur when designing a new table. If we recode it before clicking the Update button, SOFA thinks we are trying to override another table of the same name. This is because SOFA started out thinking our table had no name and was never updated to tell it otherwise.
  • Minor changes to enable translation.
  • Fixed bug when importing empty pairs of double or single quotes. These were already being de-escaped (as a side-effect of the approach necessary to handle internal quote escaping in the csv module) and turned to solo quotes – and thus evading the check for blank raw vals which would have been turned to NULL.
  • Fixed bug giving error message for too many rows instead of too many columns when too many columns e.g. in Chi Square test.
  • SOFA now checks very early to see if you’ve installed SOFA under a local user folder instead of a program folder.
  • Fixed bug in PostgreSQL plug-in when working with a numeric field lacking a defined decimal points or numeric precision setting.
  • Show scatterplot minor axis ticks more readily so better when fewer distinct x values.
  • Scatterplots cope with absence of variability in an axis by forcing a different min and max for that axis.