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1.4.6 Adds basic time series

Friday, January 1st, 2016

SOFA line charts and area charts now treat dates as dates in the x-axis which makes it easier to look at time series data.

New option added to interface

New option added to interface

X-axis date aware

Time series selected – X-axis date aware

X-axis not date-aware

Time series not selected – X-axis not date-aware

Example time series chart

Example time series chart

Additional improvements include:

  • Better error message when not enough values in group to run analysis e.g. ANOVA.
  • Better handling of precision in p-value results displayed.
  • Better handling of dates pre-1900.
  • Better messages to user about potentially excessive categories in charts.
  • Add support for float years as date values for time series.
  • Add support for specifying port connecting to postgresql.
  • Allows boxplots when fewer values to display.

And there were two other changes:

  • Removed broken google docs integration – just as easy to manually download and import normally.
  • Removed two pop-ups – no longer needed.

There are also a number of bug fixes:

  • No longer a missing legend in multiseries scatterplots just because the first scatterplot only had one series of data.
  • Fixed bug with saving database connection details when a number involved (port).
  • Fixed PostgreSQL bug when saving connection without password – now succeeds rather than failing silently.
  • Fixed MySQL bug with adding rows.
  • Fixed bug in Windows with checkboxes not enabling/disabling properly unless panels refreshed.