Good future for SVG/Javascript graphing

Whether SOFA Statistics finally settles on RaphaelJS

RaphaelJS Pie Chart

RaphaelJS Pie Chart (NB dynamic in live version)

… or Dojo for output charting I am glad that it will be using SVG (and Javascript). These technologies, and support from them by mainstream web browsers, is only going to get faster and better.

Although the example below is not a graph it gives a taste of what is possible using these technologies: Imagine being able to add comments and highlights directly to a chart which you can share with anyone. No proprietary viewer necessary :-).

BTW the reason output charting is not yet available is because I’m waiting till the wxWebKit widget supports it. wxWebKit is the technology SOFA Statistics uses to display HTML (web content) internally. The good news is that the improvements to wxWebKit should be ready by June or July.

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