The first general release is out (Version 1.0)

After 34,000 downloads of early releases, the first general release of SOFA Statistics is out. See it in action here. You can get it for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and (other) Linux distributions here.

Version 1.0 launched

SOFA Statistics is 100% free and open source but affordable commercial support is available to those who would like that here. The latest version is the culmination of several years work and we hope you like it!

Installation note if upgrading: if upgrading from 0.9.24 or below, you will need to rename your /home/username/sofa folder to /home/username/sofastats if you wish to work with old data or settings. If you are using Ubuntu, you must also manually uninstall previous versions of SOFA first so that “sofastats” can overwrite the application icon put there originally by “sofa”.

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