Version 1.5.4 – Hopefully Boring ;-)

Version 1.5.4 of SOFA Statistics has been released. It supports a wider range of SQL Server versions and has numerous bug fixes. It:

  • Supports more versions of MS SQL Server by switching to the pyodbc library (from a deprecated library)
  • Standardises multiline checkboxes
  • Copes with different versions of openpyxl without forcing Linux users to pin the version (which may not be in their distro)
  • Fixes width of main form help text in Windows
  • Fixes chart display bug in Windows by forcing IE11 emulation (vs IE7)
  • Fixes spreadsheet export bug – use column letter rather than name
  • Fixes bug when exporting CSV with label columns
  • Fixes sorting in Data List reports
  • Fixes bug where renaming a project left the original intact
  • Fixes bug preventing decimal point settings being honoured in Summary report tables and Data List reports

In a sense, 1.5.4 is what I actually hoped 1.5.0 would be. It just took a while to identify and remove all the bugs in the 1.5 series resolved so far.

I am reasonably satisfied with the features available in SOFA so my main goals going forwards relate to stability as underlying technologies change below SOFA e.g. GUI platforms, operating systems etc. What I’d really like to do next is release a Mac version for the 1.5 series but that will require some help from the Mac developer community (see previous blog post).

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