Worked examples in 1.5.0

Statistics can be mind bending and complex. It can make your brain hurt and your heart despair. But sometimes it is very simple and easy to follow. Four of the statistical tests provided by SOFA Statistics – namely

  • Mann-Whitney U
  • Wilcoxon’s Signed Ranks
  • Spearman’s Rho
  • Pearson’s Chi Square

– are reasonably easy to understand with worked examples. You could even say they are elegant in their simplicity. Check out the new worked examples feature of SOFA Statistics version 1.5.0.

The worked examples use your actual data so you should be able to follow the logic of the test step-by-step if you are interested in learning how it works. The goal is to demystify the tests and appreciate them better.

Other changes in version 1.5.0 include the following:

  • You can now choose the number of decimal places to show in report tables and charts.
  • Can display counts or percentage separately on pie charts.
  • Better smoothed line displayed for line charts.
  • Easier to run generated scripts for testing (only need to set use_locally boolean).
  • Better visual separation of subtables.
  • Charts can show N.
  • Improvements to darker themes.
  • Add ability to define table to automatically open on startup (using open_on_start setting in projs/default.proj).
  • Ask users if they want to override existing project if adding new project with an already-used name.
  • Upgraded to newer GUI library (wxPython 4.0).
  • Added new safeguards and user feedback when problems converting output to images.
  • Dropped support for xls (xlsx is supported alongside tsv, csv, ods etc)
  • Dropped support for CUBRID (largely because drivers for newer versions of Python are not available)

There are also numerous important bug fixes:

  • Important bug fix for filters with OR conditionals.
  • No longer fails to copy to clipboard when chart names include slashes.
  • Scatterplots now cope with variable names including percentage symbols.
  • Fixed bug displayed empty values in Display Data report tables.
  • Fixed bug with Select All/Deselect All button not working correctly in all cases.
  • Fixed bug when repairing duplicate names in import.
  • Only give project override warning when a new file
  • Add sky.css to styles deployed

SOFA Statistics has received a major overhaul under the hood for version 1.5.0 (for example, the shift to Python 3.6/7 from 2.7). Inevitably there will be some issues but the intention will be to resolve those as quickly as possible. Enjoy!

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