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CSS Themes

Tips for Creating

  • alter Value to get the highlight colour
  • not essential to keep colours completely different as long as colours near each other are distinct
  • the first colour must always be distinct from the other colours in case they end up against it in a pie chart

:!: NB to move to sofa.main/css and reports/sofastats_report_extras/

Altering css files

Main variable labels

.firstcolvar, .firstrowvar{
    background-color: #1e3348; /*very dark blue*/

Image in top left corner

.spaceholder { /*main background image*/
    background-image: url("sofastats_report_extras/sky.jpg") !important; /*else tundra forces none*/
    background-color: #fe7200;
    border: solid 1px #4574a5; /*dark blue*/


th, .rowvar, .rowval, .datacell, .firstdatacell {
    border: solid 1px #1e3348; /*dark blue*/


Search and replace greypurp e.g.

connector_style = u"greypurp"

Change tooltip_border_colour

Chart Colours

Note - lib.setup_highlights() uses the supplied colour mappings to map from colour to desired highlight. The idea is to override the default dojo approach to automatically setting the highlight colour by lightening the main colour.

Note – colour_mappings colours must be #ffffff style. Names ignored for highlighting e.g. “red”.

outer_bg = u"#e7eef6"
inner_bg = u"#e7eef6" # u"#e0d9d5"
axis_label_font_colour = u"#423126"
major_gridline_colour = u"#b8a49e"
gridline_width = 1
stroke_width = 3
tooltip_border_colour = u"#5a5a79"
colour_mappings = [(u"#6098f0", u"#a8c4f0"),
    (u"#2d4770", u"#7f94b6"),
    (u"#a8c4f0", u"#6098f0"),
    (u"#7f94b6", u"#afb1b6"),
    (u"#4167a3", u"#273d61"),

Keeping out of standard package

  • Ubuntu: OK because “KEEPME/rules” has to explicitly reference each file included
  • LINUX: 0 KEEP - must add to extraneous_in_main
  • Windows: OK because nsi file has to explicitly reference each file included
  • Mac OS X: OK because iceberg file has to explicitly reference each file included
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