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  • debug = False etc as usual
  • Make sure any js file (e.g. sofastats_charts.js) or folder changes (e.g. googleapi removed), or data changes (sofa.db), are reflected in /home/g/projects/SOFA/SOFA Statistics
  • Run /home/g/projects/SOFA/0 KEEP pre_OSX_packaging
  • Open CleanMac (revert to snapshot GoodScreenResolution)
  • Copy installer zip file from grantshare/macshare.
  • Extract it.
  • Test it.
  • If OK, transfer to SOFA/installers folder once back on main dev machine


Delete the sofastats and sofastats_recovery folders under your home folder

Delete the SOFA Statistics Application

Not practical to uninstall Python etc but planning to change packaging so complete deletion only requires removal of one folder.

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