0.8.12 – more flexible installation on Windows and better international support

Another release with an emphasis on quality rather than new features. More new features will be coming soon once the wxWebKit and RaphaelJS technologies are mature enough. In the meantime:

  • More flexible installation options on Windows e.g. installing to D:\Program Files rather than C:\Program Files.
  • Better support for international text and unicode – e.g. René, Identität, François etc – in project, variable details, html report files, and css files.
  • Better interface behaviour when configuring a project.
  • Better feedback when errors with missing or malformed files.
  • For Galician speakers, a version of SOFA Statistics in their own language now works on Windows.
  • Fixed bug allowing new rows to be added to read-only tables if using Tab/Return key on last cell and then repeatedly hitting Tab keys.

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