0.8.13 better support for inconsistent data and missing values

Removing rough edges and handling less perfect incoming data have been the recent focus of attention. The main changes in 0.8.13 are:

  • Better support for inconsistent data and missing values.
  • The user is informed what happens to files being imported.
  • The user has the option of halting a large raw data table report.
  • CSV importing now asks user if file has header and offers to clean up files with mixed line separators.
  • New projects have the default SOFA database preconfigured ready to save tables to.
  • Program now returns useful message if SQLite table with median or std dev fails because of non-numeric values (in purportedly numeric field).
  • Attempts to make new tables without a connection to the default database now receive a useful message.
  • Users are given the opportunity to pull out of opening a large data table.

Also importantly, there have been a myriad of bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug when using SQLite database other than the SOFA default one.
  • Report tables now handle non-numeric values in numeric fields (SQLite).
  • Fixed simple but fatal bugs affecting raw and summary tables.
  • Fixed bug when user path includes international characters.
  • Fixed bug using MS SQL for making report tables.

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