0.8.14 much more flexible management of data table design inside built-in database

The latest release not only has the usual bug fixes and usability enhancements, it has a few new pieces of functionality.

  • Can modify the design of tables in the built-in SOFA database (variable names, types, order, table names).
  • Able to insert and delete rows when editing value labels.
  • Can delete tables in the built-in database.
  • The sofa id field is now read-only when designing tables and the user gets useful messages if they try to delete it or insert a new field before it.

The bug fixes were:

  • CSV importer copes with inconsistent new line characters anywhere they are encountered.
  • Fixed bug when a key is deleted in a value list and then OK is hit.
  • Removed bug where focus would move erratically when entering long lists of value labels.
  • Changing database or table when making table reports resets the column buttons as it should.
  • Numbers like 1000000000000.2 are now displayed as simple numbers instead of as 1e+12 etc.
  • Newly-created tables appear in the table dropdown list immediately.

IMPORTANT FOR ALL UPGRADING USERS – you must delete the /username/sofa folder first (after storing anything you wish to save). And inside project files, change conn_dets to con_dets.

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