0.9.1 has first of new wave of support charts

0.9.1 is out and there have been a lot of improvements this time:

  • All output now displays inside design dialogs. In the case of report tables, there is an option to expand output. This is especially important for displaying larger report tables on netbooks.
  • Independent t-test output now includes two histograms with superimposed normal distribution curves.  It also shows kurtosis, skew, and an omnibus measure of normality for each sample as well as the O’Brien homogeneity of variance test. Explanatory footnotes have been added to the output e.g. explaining the p value or what kurtosis means.
    Independent t-test support graphics

    Independent t-test support graphics

  • Guidance given on need to assess normality of each sample when more than one (part of test selection process).
  • Hovering over cells in the data entry/editing grid displays appropriate value labels. E.g. hovering over 1 in a gender field may show the tooltip “Male” (if that label has been set up by the user)
  • Can update variable details from within data editing/entry grid by right clicking on column labels. This ability is signalled by tooltips.
  • Date format (e.g. US) is now automatically extracted from the operating system rather than requiring user preferences. Preferences now sets reporting explanation level (still not operational).

There have also been a few bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug in independent t-test where the std dev displayed for sample b was actually that of sample a.
  • Now copes with filter on a string variable when creating divider.
  • Fixed loss-of-focus bug in Windows when typing titles and subtitles after having clicked html widget.

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