0.8.2 adds final tests

Finally!  Version 0.8.2 is the first with all the core statistical tests functional.  This version:

  • added one-way ANOVA.
  • added Kruskal-Wallis H.
  • added Pearson’s Chi Square.
  • and fixed startup bug affecting Windows users on networked drives.

Of course, the best is yet to come.  You may have noticed that huge empty space in the dialog for configuring a test.  Plus those disabled buttons about reporting level (“results only” through to “full explanation”).  I will be coming back to flesh out those areas.  The intention is that the user will be supplied with little visualisations of the actual data so they can see whether the test is appropriate or not (all explained in words as well with Help on hand).  E.g. a histogram of each sample so the shape of each distribution is visible at a glance.  Plus a small test and its interpretation which lets you know whether the test is usable or not.  The user shouldn’t have to know about, or remember to use, tests of kurtosis or skew or equality of variance.  They should simply choose the most likely test to be appropriate and have SOFA Statistics explain to them whether it will work or not based on the actual data being analysed (along the way some of these ideas are bound to rub off, of course). And when you click on the Help button next to the buttons on Normal/Not Normal, SOFA Statistics should not only explain the concept (with a couple of simple images), but also enable you to visualise the data and run the appropriate tests to decide if it is Normal or not.

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