0.8.4 adds new features, and lots more polish

The latest version includes a lot more polish and has many rough edges removed.  There are also several important new features:

  • Users can explicitly set variables to Nominal, Ordinal, or Quantity.  These settings are used to limit the variables displayed in various tests to those which are of the appropriate type.
  • Pearson’s Chi Square now has a contingency table with both observed and expected values.
  • The one-way ANOVA and Kruskal Wallis H now provide more information in the output e.g. average rank per group.
  • Variables can be configured from a right click when running statistical tests (as is already possible when making report tables).
  • Can select statistical tests by double clicking.  These are also sorted alphabetically to make direct selection faster.
  • New way of indicating a set of values has been limited to the first 20 unique values no longer disrupts the user from making selections.
  • Test data now includes a string variable (browser).

Bug fixes:

  • Numerical values appear in numerical rather than string order when configuring variable details.
  • No longer necessary to complete MS SQL Server details merely for having plugin installed.
  • Statistical output works even if variable is a string variable.
  • Minor problem with start screen positioning on dual monitors resolved (adequately)

Please let me know what you think.  Is the project heading in the right direction from your point of view?

The next lot of development will focus on subsidiary charting (as opposed to charting for main output).  E.g. assessing normality of data before choosing the appropriate test.

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