Major maintenance release in 0.8.9

Version 0.8.9 of SOFA Statistics is a significant maintenance release.

Important bug fixes:

  • The process of creating new tables directly into SOFA Statistics has been significantly improved.
  • Numerous interface bugs affecting settings tables have been fixed.

Under the surface, the code underlying the database tables and the setting tables (e.g. configuring data table design, modifying variable labels, adding project settings etc) has been aligned considerably.  In the process, numerous bugs were removed, especially for Windows users.  Setting tables now have cell as well as row validation.  The text browser control in the grid (a text box and a browse button when you click on a cell to edit it) is now laid out much better.  Setting table validation refers to the faulty column by name rather than number.  Focus is not lost in Windows when in the settings subtable in the project configuration form.  Hitting Enter when editing a combo box in a settings table no longer loses focus to the OK button (thus closing the table prematurely!).  Plus misc minor fixes and extra polish.

One of the next tasks is to enable users to modify the configuration of existing SOFA Statistics tables e.g. rename fields, add/insert fields, delete fields etc.  The groundwork laid down in this release should make that much easier to add.

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