Resolving Windows installation glitches

If you had problems installing the Windows version of SOFA 0.6.8, try 0.7.0 (  It resolves the main issues with that installation package.  Version 0.7.0 also resolves some other issues within SOFA and represents the first of the 0.7 series – the goal of which is to enable importing of spreadsheets and other, non-SQL database type data.

The Windows comtypes package relied upon by SOFA 0.6.8 proved to be faulty.  The 0.7.0 version of SOFA Statistics, which has just been released, uses an older version of comtypes (0.5.2) which is known to work.  A version of comtypes 0.6.0 for python 2.5 is apparently forthcoming.

There is still a delay when using SOFA’s table making functionality for the first time while comtypes generates some data it needs.  NB this is a one-off delay which doesn’t affect anything else.  Ideally, SOFA will handle this process better in a forthcoming release.

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