0.9.3 adds clustered bar charts to Chi Square test

0.9.3 has nice new graphical output for the Chi Square Test and a few other enhancements. At least as important, however, are all the bug fixes. These are the result of a new pre-release testing process.

Underlying the clustered bar charts is the boomslang library, which provides a simplified interface to common matplotlib charts. What a great idea, and what a great name for a Python library.

Summary of new features in version 0.9.3:

  • Chi Square output includes clustered bar charts to display proportions and frequencies for the two variables selected.
    Chi Square output clustered bar charts

    Chi Square output clustered bar charts

  • Drop-downs default to the most recently used database and table. This recognises that most of the time you are using the same table as you used in the last analysis.
  • More helpful messages if trying to use variables with too many values for Chi Square.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for Linux users with a 4-digit year date format.
  • Fixed encoding display issue for Windows users.
  • Miscellaneous fixes to the behaviour of the table design dialog. Numerous bugs were flushed out by more extensive user testing before release.
  • The Expand button is disabled if a report runs but not successfully (e.g. returns a warning).
  • The default database and table are saved correctly according to database engine (e.g. MySQL, MS Access etc). This ensures valid projects can always open.

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