0.9.4 Additional output for 3 tests and numerous important bug fixes

0.9.4 is another important release. The new testing regime is identifying and fixing all sorts of quirky bugs, as well as some more significant ones. Please join the discussion group if there are any surviving bugs which are an issue for you (http://groups.google.com/group/sofastatistics).

Here are the new features of this release:

  • Paired t-test output includes a histogram of differences. This makes it easy to assess the normality of the distribution of differences.
    Paired t-test output

    Paired t-test output

  • Kruskal Wallis output now includes a table for each group containing its median, n, min etc.
  • Mann Whitney output now includes medians.
  • If using assistance to select statistical test, the normality help dialog varies according to whether or not paired data is selected. If paired, then two variables must be chosen and the normality of the differences is analysed and displayed.
    Normality of Differences

    Normality of Differences

  • When a cell edit fails validation, the cursor returns to the end of the text if possible, ready to edit immediately. This ends one major interface annoyance.
  • Users receive a useful message if there are no values to report in an analysis e.g. the data is over-filtered.
  • The Chi Square test provides useful messages if too few values in either row or column variables.

The list of bug fixes is quite substantial this time:

  • Independent t-test now works even if using a string variable for grouping.
  • Fixed bug preventing scripts from being run independently of GUI.
  • Fixed bug exporting scripts to the saved scripts file.
  • Fixed minor UI bug which meant the paired option remained visible after the stats selection was back to unguided.
  • Fixed bug that meant if the user moved the mouse away from data being entered the cell editor closed.
  • Fixed bug caused when shifting from one project with a default database engine e.g. MySQL, to another project in which that database is not available. Changing project wipes the stored default database engine.
  • Fixed bug with writing scripts with unicode characters.
  • If unable to calculate kurtosis etc still potentially able to produce rest of results.
  • Chi Square now honours filter values in script version.
  • Projects no longer have problems with new lines in their notes.
  • System copes with faulty project files better.

Development attention will start turning to the following in due course:

  • Mac packaging
  • Making the “results only” and “brief” explanation level settings operational
  • Making more “Help” buttons functional
  • Enabling user-defined missing values
  • Adding an Oracle plug-in
  • Output charting
  • Connecting to on-line educational resources on statistics

How do you feel about the direction being taken? Good? Bad? Any feedback? Please feel free to discuss any aspect of this project at http://groups.google.com/group/sofastatistics.

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