0.9.5 major bug fixes for data importing & better default form height by screen size

SOFA Statistics continues to push on towards an eventual 1.0 release. Even though SOFA is still tagged as an early release on the main project website, and as a beta program on the SourceForge site, there have been over 7,000 downloads already. And the current release feels more solid to me than some of the expensive proprietary products I have used in my career as a researcher and analyst. Of course, please feel free to report any bugs that you find (http://groups.google.com/group/sofastatistics) so they can be fixed before the next release.

The basic list of new features is:

  • SOFA now detects screen resolution and sizes height of dialogs/controls accordingly to better handle both netbooks and larger screens.
  • Now able to delete rows in data entry/editing and configuration tables using the delete key.
  • Added hyperlinks to main form for main project website and community website.
  • The project configuration window can be completely resized making it easier to see all settings.
  • The read-only default project form now has an OK button at the bottom right so it can be closed the same way as every other form.
  • Added preliminary chart configuration form. Output charting still under development. In some ways this is the most important development, even though it doesn’t offer anything to the user in the current version apart from a taste of the likely interface.
  • Hovering over image buttons now shows a different cursor in Ubuntu so users know that they are buttons they can click.

And the bug fixes of course:

  • Spreadsheets lacking a header are now correctly imported including the first line.
  • All forms of data import now cope with data which has altered field names in preparation for import into SQLite.
  • Clustered bar charts in the Chi Square output work even if there are lots of bars missing from some clusters.
  • Removed import statement that caused problems on some systems.
  • Button clicks occurring while inside a configuration text box now work as expected on first attempt.
  • If the primary key for an MS Access database lacks autonumbering, it will only be eligible for saving if it has a non-missing value.
  • Hourglass doesn’t remain open too long when clicking Expand button in Ubuntu.

I’m currently running a small poll on the main project page about the most important things to work on next (http://www.sofastatistics.com). Please vote if you haven’t already.

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