1.0.2 keeps users connected

I suspect that downloading SOFA Statistics is, for most users, the last contact they have with the project or the community. The latest version (1.0.2) addresses this. Approximately 2 weeks after the first use, and every couple of months thereafter, SOFA Statistics pops up a “What’s Happening” web page within the application. This page has links to help, quotes, latest SOFA Statistics news, resources, featured statistics videos etc. I hope it will be of value to users, and help them get the most out of SOFA Statistics and the training etc resources available. This aspect of SOFA is intended to be relatively unobtrusive and it can be closed immediately if so desired with its close button.

What's happening

Other changes include:

  • Added explanation of Mann-Whitney U to output, added degrees of freedom to output wherever possible, added footnotes for p values where lacking, and ensured all p values are to 3 decimal points unless under 0.001 in which case ‘< 0.001' is displayed.
  • Better help messages if early problem with comtypes (Windows only) or library dates.

Bug fixes include:

  • Fixed bug when reporting on datetime fields as rows or columns in report tables in MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, and SQL Server.
  • Fixed minor bug which meant MySQL importing failed on Macs because it didn’t recognise the platform.

Work will begin soon on the versions leading up to 1.1.

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