0.8.15 flexible data filtering options and support for US-style dates

Version 0.8.15 has the following new features:

* Data filtering: If you’re only interested in data for one nation, for example, you can add a filter so reports are derived from that nation’s subset of the data. It is now easy to add, remove, and alter filters to individual tables. This feature makes analysis much more fluid. It is arguably one of the most important changes in long time. Check it out. Almost anywhere you can see tables listed, you can right click on the table name and set, alter, rename, or remove a filter.
* Support for US-style dates: SOFA Statistics now allows the setting of date entry format preferences, e.g. if you are in the US, Canada, the Philippines, Belize, Palau, or the Federated Republic of Micronesia, you may wish to allow mm/dd/yy as a date format for data entry instead of dd/mm/yy. Over time, there will no doubt be other preference options available.
* Default data table now has a datetime field to experiment with.
* More tooltips and misc usability improvements.

There have also been miscellaneous bug fixes including:

* Removed bug which meant you couldn’t immediately open a freshly-created table.

In addition there has been further expansion of test coverage and a fix of sorts for the Karmic launcher. There is a problem (hopefully temporary) where users of GTK applications can click a button, have it depress, and have nothing actually happen (unless they then click on the Enter key). What this means for SOFA Statistics is that when a Karmic Ubuntu user clicked on the new Preferences button, a preferences dialog wouldn’t appear. A partial solution has been to change the launcher slightly so it sets the GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS environment variable. So instead of:

python /usr/share/pyshared/sofa/start.py

the launcher now invokes:
bash -c “GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1 python /usr/share/pyshared/sofa/start.py”

… which solves the problem in many cases. If it doesn’t, the work-around is to mouse click on the Preferences button then press the Enter key. Fortunately, the Preferences button will hardly ever be used. Ideally, the problem will be fixed properly in newer versions of SOFA Statistics as the underlying code libraries are fixed.

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  1. The real solution to the problem was much simpler and involved a single line of missing code for the preferences button. See http://p-s.co.nz/wordpress/?p=654