Better chart layout & key bug-fixes in 0.9.20

Version 0.9.20 of SOFA Statistics brings a number of improvements …

  • Legend closer to charts and outer background colour now covers the x-axis labels.
  • Better placement of y-axis titles.
  • SOFA warns user if not enough suitable variables for an analysis – e.g. paired t-test – and suggests a likely cause and solution.
  • Default sofa_db row in projects is read-only.
  • Better message to user if attempting to connect to an empty SQLite database.

… and fixes:

  • Fixed bug preventing projects being saved.
  • Fixed bug stopping charts working properly with some database engines.
  • Can now handle multiple SQLite and MS Access databases successfully.
  • Fixed bug preventing Preferences button being clicked.

2 Responses to “Better chart layout & key bug-fixes in 0.9.20”

  1. optimizerx says:

    Love your product! What plans are their to add Naive Bayes since your Xtab reports would very nicely provide prior probabilities from large datasets?

    Please advise as there are off the shelf Python modules available such as this:

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! No specific plans for adding that functionality at this stage but I am certainly open to the idea. It won’t be part of version 1.0 but it could come later.