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Importing tab-separated files and more

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

SOFA 1.4.3 now lets you import directly from tab-separated/tab-delimited files.

Importing tab-delimited text
Another change is less momentous but should really please people doing lots of row stats reports. As SOFA gained more measures it became increasingly more effort to select individual measures one-by-one, checkbox by checkbox. Now there is a toggle button for Select All/Deselect All. Much better :-).

Select or Deselect All

And the bonus themes are now part of the standard release making it easier than ever to make your charts and tables look good – I hope you like them.

New Themes

One change that most users will never notice is better support for running SOFA via scripts. An exciting automation project is currently under development using this functionality and I hope to have some news to share soon.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Can import tab-delimited data.
  • More options for attractive charts and reports. Three new themes available – sky, prestige (screen), and prestige (print).
  • Better support for automation (i.e. headless, running without GUI) esp in international context.
  • Exporting to spreadsheet now relies on more robust code library (xlwt)
  • Easy to select or deselect lots of row stats measures at once.
  • Faster opening in many cases.

And the bug fixes:

  • Minor tweak to PostgreSQL plug-in to handle timestamps without timezone.
  • Resolved bug when SQLite numbers are stored in a non-numeric field and processed for Chi Square test.
  • Importing csvs now copes better when only missing vals in sample of a field. Gives user the choice.
  • Fixed bug when doing a Row Stats table with a rows variable e.g. by Gender and some of the fields can’t be calculated for some of the row categories.
  • Headless importing now works in the event of inconsistent data types in fields.
  • Headless importing now reads entire dataset rather than a sample to avoid need for (human) decisions.
  • Scripts no longer rely on translated arguments. Much safer to use on other machines with different locales.
  • Fixed circular import bugs which only became visible when other bugs occurred.