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New feature – Chart averages in version 1.0.5

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Do you want to make a line chart of average income by month? Or a bar chart of average height by country? The latest release of SOFA lets you do that very easily:

Chart Averages

Other improvements include:

  • Tab and Enter now work in a more intuitive way when in a settings grid. New rows which are incomplete produce a useful warning to the user.
  • Better support for Right-to-Left language locales.
  • Regression line intercept and slope included in Pearson’s Correlation output as well as a better regression line on the scatterplot.

A number of bugs have been fixed as well:

  • Fixed bug occurring when user selects a google docs spreadsheet and clicks on download after manually selecting a spreadsheet but without manually selecting a worksheet.
  • Fixed bug with report tables which occurred sometimes when a field value was the same as a field name.
  • Fixed bug when pie chart label has new line characters in it.
  • Adjusted y-axis placement on bar charts so not truncated in some cases.
  • When importing ODS data without a header, and responding to a data type inconsistency with Cancel, the progress bar is now reset to the start.
  • Fixed bug when saving projects in Windows with different name (albeit the same name if case insensitive). Would not appear in the Project Selection list and would be unable to reopen the Project Selection dialog.

Configurable charting in SOFA Statistics 0.9.19

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Most of the SOFA charting functionality is now in place and it is now possible for users to configure their output charts. In addition to being able to select theming, the following options are currently available:

Simple bar charts and pie charts can now be sorted (unsorted, by label, by frequency, by descending frequency).

Sortable chart example

Sortable chart example

Users can include or exclude display of percentages in bar, line, and area chart tooltips.

Hiding percentage in tool tips

Hiding percentage in tool tips

Axis titles on charts are now bold and better positioned vertically to distinguish more easily from axis labels.

Better axis titles

Better axis titles

Another change is that histogram have more human-friendly bin sizes where possible e.g. 10 to <20 rather than 13.8 - 14.5 etc. [caption id="attachment_493" align="aligncenter" width="188" caption="Better histogram bins"]Better histogram bins[/caption]

Analysis dialogs have been simplified by shifting some settings into a separate dialog.

Simplified interface

Simplified interface

Chart type buttons have been restyled and it is easier to identify which button has been selected across operating systems:

Refreshed chart-type buttons

Refreshed chart-type buttons

The other main change to charting is that long chart labels are now split into lines.

Split line value labels

Split line value labels

Additional changes include:

  • Scatterplots have option of removing dot border (useful if almost all values are overlapping other values e.g. in a line).
  • Added hour glass for display of chart output (can matter for scatterplots on slower machines).
  • Existing default report is archived on upgrade to ensure any new chart content displays correctly in the default output.

There is one very important bug fix – 0.9.18 introduced a bug stopping two types of statistical test output from being generated. This was easily corrected.

Additional bug fixes include:

  • Flicker removed when changing between chart types in chart dialog.
  • Fixed bug when changing variable details in charting dialog.
  • Scatterplots drop minor ticks when few unique x values e.g. agegroup vs weight.
  • Chart buttons visibly change when selected, even on Mac.
  • Fixed layout and read-only status of config button in projects dialog.

SOFA Statistics is getting a lot closer to being ready for a version 1.0 release.

0.8.7 interface improvements plus PostgreSQL and MS fixes

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Version 0.8.7 has the following improvements:

  • Dialogs for making report tables and for configuring statistical tests now have close buttons in bottom right like elsewhere. Plus other minor UI improvements.
  • Important bug fixes for PostgreSQL and MS Access and MS SQL Server.

Bug fixes:

  • Made it unnecessary to run makepy to access the ADO constants for data type. Will enable users to connect to MS Access and MS SQL Server databases successfully.
  • A few minor fixes for postgresql problems when editing data (added some extra commits). Also fixed postgresql module bugs around numeric types lacking decimals.
  • Corrected code for getting min and max values for numeric variables in PostgreSQL.
  • Opening a project file copes with any particular database engine being missing.