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SOFA Statistics passes 5000 downloads on SourceForge

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

5000 downloads is a milestone worth celebrating on an open source project. And SOFA Statistics has finally passed 5000 downloads on SourceForge.

5000 downloads on SourceForge

5000 downloads on SourceForge

Including Softpedia, and the original downloads from the main project website ( and Launchpad, there have been 6,000 downloads in total. The next big milestone for the project will either be 10,000 downloads or version 1.0. Either way, SOFA Statistics will have a lot of additions and improvements before then.

0.8.11 provides internationalisation support and a major fix for Vista/Windows 7

Monday, November 9th, 2009

The latest version of SOFA Statistics has some important improvements.

  • Fixed major bug preventing interaction with data on Vista/Windows 7. It was caused by the “\U” combination inside project configuration files (e.g. C:\Users\…). The backslash U combination was treated as the start of a unicode string (international text etc) but as an invalid one. Windows testing using XP didn’t pick this up because the venerable “Documents and Settings” folder in XP has been replaced with the “Users” folder in Vista and Windows 7.
  • Better support for international text and unicode e.g. René, Identität, François etc.
  • Better responses to errors saving data to database tables. For example, if a user tries to save to database a word with characters in it not supported by the underlying database table (such as a unicode
    letter not found in the Latin character set).
  • For Galician speakers, a version of SOFA Statistics in their own language (currently only working in Ubuntu).

There is also a new version of wxWebKit etc available for Karmic (9.10) users thanks to Christoph Willing. NB this will also help some users of Jaunty (9.04) who have updated packages which conflict with those in SOFA Statistics. More details can be found at

Misc translation issues

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

The Galician translation is now complete.

e.g. #: dbe_plugins/
msgid “The SQLite details are incomplete”
msgstr “Os datos de SQLite están incompletos”

It is now time to enable SOFA Statistics to use multiple translations successfully. Here are some possible issues:

  • Overly-long strings: these can affect layout e.g. the buttons on the main form. There may be ways of abbreviating strings.
  • A locale not being installed on a computer. Lots more to learn about this but here is a linux command for identifying what is on your system
    locale -a
  • How to allow a user to select a locale (or to automatically use the locale of their computer).
  • Making sure everything works on Windows as well.
  • Getting the Galician po file approved by Launchpad (currently stuck in “Needs Review”)

Testing will begin soon. Most importantly, the internationalisation of SOFA Statistics has begun in earnest :-).

Multi-language SOFA Statistics Begins

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Launchpad offers great support for translating applications into different languages (  And Python (and wxPython have standard ways of supporting multiple languages.  So it was always going to be achievable to make SOFA Statistics multilingual as long as people were willing to help with translation.  First to raise their hand has been Indalecio Freiría Santos (see SOFA Statistics discussion thread) and the Galician version should be available first.  If you are interested in adding translations please feel free to raise your hand in the discussion group at any time.

Registered with Sourceforge, Freshmeat and Launchpad

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Working on raising the search profile of SOFA Statistics.  The project is now registered with Sourceforge, Freshmeat and Launchpad.